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Commissioning of MV/HV Substations

Our commissioning services for medium and high-voltage substations encompass the meticulous process of installation, testing, and operation. We ensure that each substation is aligned with the required standards and specifications. Our comprehensive commissioning process involves multiple stages and tasks, guaranteeing the optimal performance of your substations.

a. Pre-Commissioning Activities

Reviewing design documents and specifications: Ensure that the substation design meets the required standards and specifications.

Factory acceptance testing (FAT): Inspect and test the substation equipment at the manufacturer’s facility to ensure it meets the specified requirements.

Site acceptance testing (SAT): Inspect and test the equipment after delivery to the site to ensure it is installed correctly.

b. Testing and Inspection

Visual inspection: Verify that the substation components, including transformers, circuit breakers, relays, meters, and control systems, are installed correctly and in compliance with the design.

Functional testing: Perform functional tests on individual components and systems to ensure they operate as intended.

Electrical testing: Conduct various electrical tests, such as insulation resistance tests, transformer ratio & polarity tests, circuit breaker timing tests, and protection relay testing, to verify the performance and reliability of the substation.

c. Documentation and Handover

Prepare commissioning reports: Document the entire commissioning process, including test results, observations, and any issues encountered.

As-built documentation: Update the substation design documents and drawings to reflect any changes or modifications made during the commissioning process.

Training and handover: Provide training to the operating personnel on the substation’s operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting procedures.

It’s crucial to highlight that commissioning medium and high-voltage substations requires skilled professionals versed in electrical systems, safety protocols, and industry standards. The process nuances vary based on project scope, substation type, and regional regulations. Power Partner is here to provide your company with qualified consultation for precise and compliant commissioning services on medium and high-voltage substations, tailored to your needs.